September 16, 2021

Robots For Cleaning

Here at Robots for Cleaning, we believe that the toughest cleaning jobs should be taken care of by the products that were made to tackle the dirtiest jobs: robots! In today’s world, we have access to so much great technology that allows us to ease the pressures we experience in everyday life.

iRobot Roomba Pet Series

iRobot Roomba Pet Series Review: Great Option for Pet Owners

iRobot Roomba Pet Series Review: Great Option for Pet Owners

If you would like to survey pet owners on what would be their hardest job, the top of the list should be handling pet hair.

As this blogger points out, even when regularly vacuuming pet hair is all over their home.

It’s all over the floor, on the couch, everywhere.

The worst part is having animal hair all over your clothes.

Vacuuming regularly is very important when you have pets in the house, not just on chairs but also on the floor.

While you can’t automatically vacuum a chair, there is one tool that can help you handle animal hair on the floor.

Let me introduce you to the Roomba Pet Series robotic vacuum cleaner designed for pets

Unlike conventional roomba vacuums, this vacuum cleaner has a larger dust chamber. According to Cnet’s Tim Hornyak, the pet series has a barrel about three and a half times the size of a regular Roomba.

Unfortunately, the iRobot has discontinued versions 655 and 595. The Roomba 650 is pretty close to this variant in terms of features and should perform just fine.

If you can’t afford the top of the Roomba 980, 880, or even 780 series, this is a viable, cheaper alternative that still performs well but has some limitations you have to live with.

Quick overview of features

Equipped with “Aerovac” technology which helps it pick up animal hair from carpets and bare floors
Features a three-stage cleaning system that begins with side brushes, two reverse brushes and a suitable vacuum to vacuum all debris in the bin
The 655 comes with the NiCad XLife which will last twice as long (in terms of charge and discharge cycles) as the Roomba 650
Equipped with a stiffer bristle brush designed for better pet hair picking
There is a bigger barrel (I mentioned earlier that Cnet’s Tim Hornyak says it is three and a half times bigger)
With automatic scheduling (up to 7 times a week or once a day)
Don’t fall from the stairs thanks to the sensor that detects the cliff
1 year warranty for the robot and 6 months for the battery (roughly standard for all Roomba products)


Designed specifically for cleaning animal hair from rugs and bare floors
There is a large crate (at least for the Roomba 655)
XLife battery will last 2 times longer than Roomba 650 or earlier models
You can schedule it to clean your house once a day, 7 days a week
A cheaper option than the Roomba 780, 880 and 980 if you are just looking for an animal hair cleaner except bells and whistles


Older Roombas like these use random cleaning, which means it takes longer to clean the room.
Very noisy
The bristle brush requires a lot of maintenance
Will not work on high pile rugs

What to expect from this animal hair sniffer robot?

Pet owner, iRobot has helped you with both of these variations. The 655 and 595 have a stiffer brush designed for better vibration on the carpet.

Specifically 3-1 / 2 times larger. Now I’m not sure it’s bigger than the current variants like 700 series, 880 or 980 but when you compare it to the old 500 series it has a bigger barrel.

This translates to more cleaning options and less time spent emptying the garbage.

If you buy it from Amazon, the 655 will come with a virtual wall, a bristle brush, a rubber brush, a side brush and 2 type-C batteries (for virtual walls).

The 595 also comes with the same accessories as the 655, just adding a virtual wall, which is why it’s more expensive.

Here’s what you’ll get from the box …