September 16, 2021

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Best Pool Vacuum for Leaves

10 Best Pool Vacuum for Leaves – Review & Buying Guide

10 Best Pool Vacuum for Leaves – Review & Buying Guide

Maintenance and cleanliness your pool is essential, especially if you want hygiene. There are two ways you can make sure your pool stays clean, leaf and dirt free. One, you can pay a service company to take care of your pool on a weekly basis or two, you can choose to save on weekly payments and instead invest in the best vacuum for your pool.

However, you might only have one problem and that is the decision to choose the right suction for your pool. Fortunately, we’ll help you with that and more. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best pool vacuums on the market and show you how to choose the one that meets your needs.

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10 Best Pool Vacuum for Leaves

We have put together detailed reviews and recommendations on recommended pool vacuums for sheets you might consider purchasing. Check out our top picks and buying tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner

Do you need the best robot pool cleaner for leaves? Well, if you do, the Dolphin Nautilus CC plus stands out among the best. With this vacuum cleaner, you can spend more time relaxing than cleaning the pool. It comes with a double scrub brush and some of the best filtering capabilities that will keep your pool clean without you having to do anything.

Plus, this self-contained machine means you won’t have to add additional equipment to clean your pool. It cleans floors and walls while saving energy in just 2 hours.

While it is capable of cleaning your pool itself, the only thing you need to do is plan for the cleaning process. It comes with 3 settings and with just the push of a button you can clean your pool every day, every Tuesday or you can choose the every other day option.

It has a tangle-free cable that allows the vacuum to move freely around your pool. The filter will make sure to keep and lock leaves and other dirt and debris in the extremely clean pool.


This vacuum cleaner is ideal for all types of swimming pools
It will move freely in the pool without tangles
The vacuum cleaner effectively cleans your pool in just 2 hours
It doesn’t require any additional attachments to do the job
It comes with 2x more scrubbing power than standard pool vacuums


It will stop cleaning effectively after 2 hours of end
Slightly heavy out of the pool

2.  Polaris F9550 Sport robotic pool cleaner

The vacuum will move to an easily accessible position with the push of a button and wait for you to pick it up. With the motion sensor remote control, the cleaning process can be easily controlled.

In addition, it is one of the best automatic pool cleaning devices thanks to its 4-wheel drive technology. The wheels make cleaning all types of floors and pool walls easy and possible. The 70-foot cable and active motion sensor allow the vacuum to roam freely in pools, including large lakes.

The most impressive part of this device is that it has a 7 day programmable timer. Reprogrammed cleaning patterns ensure your pool stays clean.

In addition to that, you will know when to empty the filter thanks to the dirty cartridge indicator. When you pour the can, just shake it and then spray it to completely remove leaves and dirt.


Dirty box indicator
7-day programmable timer available
Motion sensors actively control its position at all times
It is equipped with 4 wheels
The filter box can be cleaned easily
It comes with an easy to assemble shopping cart


It’s quietly expensive
Responding to the remote is not the best

3. Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Pool Cleaning Machine

Another Zodiac vacuum, the Polaris Vac-scan 360, is also among the best in swimming pools. This model comes with a large capacity filter bag to collect debris before it reaches the pump basket or filter.

This will increase the cleaning capacity and also extend the life of the filtration system. The unit also inflates with the Polaris booster pump to power the vacuum enough to pick up larger leaves and dirt particles. It will do this by circulating hot, clean water throughout the pool.

If you need the best pool vacuum for leaf cleaning, you will get it in this model. It is equipped with a 31 foot feeder and a separate filter chamber to contain large leaves and dirt particles. The in-line replacement valve ensures that the vacuum does not deposit residue during cleaning.

In addition, the equipment is provided by the pressure of clean water which is returned to the pool. This leaves the skimmer and filter so they can remove contaminants.


It works for all types of pools
Large filter bag
Comes with a 31ft charger
It also has an in-line emergency valve
It is compatible with booster pumps


Expensive spare parts
Will not work well for terrestrial pools

4. Dolphin Triton PS Plus automatic pool cleaning machine

One of the best things about this model is its ability to adhere to vertical surfaces. The mobility of electric current allows the unit to scrub walls and water pipes to keep pools clean. In addition, the swivel cable will allow the vacuum to clean the pool without getting tangled. The pool is clean after only 2 hours.

It’s not just one of the best floor pool cleaners for leaves; It is also one of the best beginner pool vacuum cleaners. This is because the vacuum cleaner is easy to use and is lighter than most indoor vacuums.

The best part is that it has a quick clean option in case you want your pool clean for immediate use. It will clean the pool in just an hour in the quick clean mode. The filter basket is large enough to contain leaves, debris and dirt.

While it traps the leaves, it will also cleanse and circulate the water to give you a sparkling clean pool. You will have three cleaning options: daily, daily and Tuesday all day.

You can also decide to schedule a cleaning by connecting the vacuum cleaner to the Bluetooth of your smartphone. What is more impressive is that this pool vacuum cleaner saves 8 times more energy than pressure as well as a vacuum cleaner.


This unit does not need a booster pump or hose for best performance
It comes with a powerful filtration system.
You will get 3 cleaning settings
It saves energy more than 8 times
You will be better cleaned with this device


He doesn’t clean the stairs
Not worth the price

5. Hayward RC9740WCCUB SharkVac Robot Pool Cleaner

Another type of vacuum for other terrestrial swimming pools is the Hayward RC9740WCCUB vacuum. This device uses smart driving technology to provide a full range of cleaning, cleaning the best floors, coves, walls and water pipes.

Plus, with this unit, you won’t have a filter backwash cycle that occurs when the vacuum works in conjunction with the pool’s filtration system. The Hayward robotic pool cleaner will operate on a filter system separate from the pool filtration system. The whole cleaning process will be finished after just 2 hours.

In addition, this model will work perfectly without the need for additional accessories. It won’t require any hoses, booster pumps, or even a hook. It is equipped with 2 porosity filters which you can easily remove to remove dirt and grime. The filter can be cleaned by spraying it with a garden hose before returning to the vacuum.

Also on the filter, it has a top access cartridge filter that allows you to easily access and remove foil and dirt. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about emptying the vacuum cleaner out of the water while cleaning the water line thanks to the water sensor. This helps reduce the risk of engine failure.


Water sensor shutdown technology
It will clean the pool in just 2 hours
Suction works separately from the pool filtration system
No additional accessories are needed to operate
Filters are easy to access and clean


It doesn’t have the best adhesion to the wall
It’s big and a bit heavy

6. Pentair GW7900 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaning Machine

Are you looking for the best suction tips for leaves? If you are you, the Pentair GW7900 may be what you are looking for. It is an automatic pool cleaner designed for terrestrial pools of various sizes and shapes. With the smartrac programmable steering system, it will move easily to all corners of the pool, including tight corners, stairs / ladders and other obstacles. This will ensure that every part of the pool is cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

What is even more impressive is that this device will give you the best and fastest cleaning performance compared to other random type pool cleaning devices. This will ensure that you get the best results without missing a score.

This pool cleaner is not too heavy and its dimensions are easy to manage as it measures only 13x 13x 13 inches. Additionally, this unit comes with a spring loaded cover on the gate door for added protection for cleaners.


It is light with a small size
He will clean every point and corner of the pool
Ideal for underground pools
Provide prompt cleaning service
Spring loaded cover ensures safety


This cleaner is not very durable

7. Zodiac F5B Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Black Max side pressure washer

Zodiac F5B is another great affordable pool sanitizer for any pool owner on a budget. This device is like some other Zodiac models that require a Polaris booster pump. The 31 foot tube of this unit is ideal for use in small to medium sized swimming pools.

The faucet will not get tangled as the detergent moves through your pool. Additionally, this model can work in various underground swimming pools such as vinyl, concrete, granite and even fiberglass, making it one of the best pool vacuum cleaners. market.

One of the main selling points of this pool cleaner is the way it can be cleaned in a swimming pool. The scanner is ideal for cleaning the side of the pool without leaving stains. It will help remove dirt and algae that tend to cling to the pool wall.

It will operate independently using the source of the booster pump. This unit will effectively clean the entire pool in 3 hours or less depending on the dirt in the pool.


Ideal for cleaning swimming pools
Ideal for above ground pools
Clean most types of pool walls and floors
Tube is tangle free and is up to 31 feet long
It’s affordable


You will need to purchase a booster pump separately

8.  Hayward PV896584000020 Poolvergnuegen

When evaluating the vacuum cleaner, you will find this model among the top 10 best pool vacuum cleaners. It is a vacuum that comes with self-regulating turbine blades that will ensure maximum power at any flow rate and easily pass through large debris for proper cleaning.

That’s not all, with 3 interchangeable throttle butterflies, you get top suction performance even at low flow rates. The throttle lever makes this unit ideal for use with variable speed pumps.

The steering system on this model comes with a number of pre-programmed internal driving sequences. The sequences will cause the wheels to rotate and reverse periodically to ensure the entire pool is covered in all directions for effective cleaning.

This model has up to 4 tires with tread grooves to ensure the cleaner can grip any surface, even uphill. This makes the pool cleaner ideal for cleaning any type of pool of any size or shape. The device will travel 11 to 15 feet, then rotate at angles of 90 to 540 degrees.


It is equipped with 4 wheels
Supplied with interchangeable groove
Includes pre-programmed internal driving sequences
Tread grooves will allow climbing on any surface
There are self-regulating turbine blades


It is expensive
Most customers claim it works for a short time

9. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaning Machine

Polaris cleaners are among the most popular pool cleaners available on the market. Therefore, if you want the best pool cleaner for leaves, the Polaris Vac-scan 280 is here for you. This model is powered by two nozzles to ensure effective cleaning of your pool in just 3 hours.

The pool cleaner is also perfect for use on all land-based swimming pools regardless of their size and shape. The 280 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner is powered by the included booster pump so you can effectively clean your pool.

Need more insurance? Then you’ll love the well-designed filter bag that will ensure that debris, leaves and other grime are removed before they reach the pump basket. This will prolong the life of the pump.

In addition to that, this unit will effectively clean, vacuum and sweep the walls and bottom of the pool to ensure thorough cleaning performance. A 31 foot long hose will not get tangled as the detergent moves around the pool. On top of that, you will get a separate one-chamber filter bag that will catch all the large leaves and dirt particles.


31 foot tube included
Unique filter bag to trap debris before entering the pump basket
Thoroughly clean the walls and floors of the pool
Ideal for above ground pools


You will need to purchase a booster pump separately

10. Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Automatic Side Suction Pool Cleaner

Another best pool vacuum is the Zodiac G3 model from the Zodiac. This vacuum cleaner has a wheel deflector that will help it move easily, especially in tight corners.

It is also equipped with a 36-fin disc that will maximize grip on the pool surface while preventing snagging of pool lights, accessories and many other pool accessories. The durable flexible hoses of this device are designed to be scratch resistant, but can also remove scratches on the pool surface.

This device has a quick release tray that allows users to easily access the diaphragm when needed. It’s soft and it has strong suction that will work well with a low speed pump. It is also compatible with a one, two or variable speed pump. The Zodiac G3 works with a flow valve to automatically adjust the water flow to maintain peak cleaning even when connected to a lower capacity pump.


Comes with a long lasting diaphragm
It can clean any type of pool surface
It navigates easily in the pool even in tight turns
Light activity
Installation is easy and does not require special tools


It tends to get stuck in the shallow corners of the pool

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Pool Vacuum for Leaves

Pool type

Before purchasing a pool vacuum, you need to determine the type of pool that you have in your home. This way you will be able to purchase a suitable pool cleaner for the pool. There are two types of pool cleaners: ambient pool cleaners and terrestrial pool cleaners. You will find that some vacuums will only work well for indoor pools while others will only work for terrestrial pools.

Also find out the type of floor or wall of your pool. Some pool cleaners will not work well with surfaces such as brick, concrete, or granite, among others. Be sure to consult the specifications of the pool cleaner before making a purchase.

Filter bag capacity

As we mentioned above, you should carefully review the specifications of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing it. See how much the filter bag can hold. Leaves often fall and are not the only ones contaminating your pool. Make sure the pool cleaner you buy has a larger filter that captures all leaves and dirt without frequent emptying.

Also, make sure that the model you are using is capable of getting rid of anything that might pollute your pool and just throwing it away. A pattern that can remove leaves as well as algae, dirt, and debris is a great option. It can also remove dirt and debris of any size.

Type of pool cleaning machine

There are 4 types of pool sanitizer on the market including robot, pressure, vacuum, and manual pool sanitizer. These people do the same to clean the pool, the only difference is how they do this job. For example, a manual cleaner does this manually.

Pressure pool cleaners work by using water from the pool’s filtration system to increase resistance. The cleaning robots are automatic and do not use the pool’s filtration system for energy, you will have to plug it into electricity and then it does its job.

Suction tank cleaners are affordable and also don’t use a swimming pool’s filtration system to operate. If you have large and small dirt and debris in your pool, use a cleaning robot.

Price and brand

First, know how much you are willing to spend on a pool cleaner. However, you have to spend a reasonable amount if you want to have the best pool smoking machine. This is because the cheapest cleaner may not work the best for you, especially if you have a large, shallow pool.

Remember, not all brands provide effective and quality pool cleaning. You will be able to use a well-known and reputable brand. They often make great machines at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pool vacuum to buy?

The best pool vacuum to buy will be able to effectively clean every corner of your pool. It can also remove all dirt, debris, algae and leaves of any size. The best pool vacuum cleaner should be made from quality, durable materials to ensure that the device lasts longer. Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed some of the best pool vacuums above. It should also be easy to use for everyone.

How does a pool vacuum work?

Take a vacuum sheet and connect it to your pool’s skimmer basket. This will prevent the plant from entering your plumbing. When finished, you can plug in the vacuum and let the vacuum clean the leaves from the pool.

What is the best pool cleaner for leaves?

The best pool cleaner for leaves is the one that effectively cleans all the leaves from the streams and bottom of your pool. We have looked at some of them above.

Does the robotic pool cleaner pick up leaves?

Yes they do. The robotic pool cleaner is equipped with a filter basket that can hold any size of leaves. They are also able to remove dirt, debris and some models remove algae from the pool walls.

How do I remove the leaves from my pool?

You can remove leaves from your pool using a pool vacuum. A pool cleaner is the best way to be sure that all leaves, including the bottom ones, are easily removed.

Can you vacuum the pool outside?

Yes you can. Instead of using a pool rake, you can also use a pool vacuum to remove leaves from the pool. Vacuuming swimming pools is the fastest and most efficient way to remove leaves from the pool.


When we’re done, we hope you’ve learned a thing or two about pool cleaners. Now you can know which type of pool cleaner is suitable for cleaning your pool. While the detergents we reviewed have their strengths, they also have some minor weaknesses. We’ve worked hard now, all you have to do is better consider your options. Be sure to check out our latest review of the Best Pressure Side Pool Cleaner.

Depending on what you want and how quickly you want your pool cleaned, we’re sure there is a cleaner for you on our list. Follow our buyers guide to choose the best pool vacuum for leaves. Whichever pool cleaning service you use, as long as it has everything your pool needs, it won’t disappoint.