September 16, 2021

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Here at Robots for Cleaning, we believe that the toughest cleaning jobs should be taken care of by the products that were made to tackle the dirtiest jobs: robots! In today’s world, we have access to so much great technology that allows us to ease the pressures we experience in everyday life.

Best Aquabot Pool Cleaner Reviews

🥇 Best Aquabot Pool Cleaner Reviews 2020 – Top Picks & Aquabot Comparison

Best Aquabot Pool Cleaner Reviews 2020 – Top Picks & Aquabot Comparison

If you have a landscaped background, cleaning the pool seems like a never-ending task due to leaves from trees and plants, dust, mold and dirt. Help yourself and consider buying an Aquabot pool cleaner.

There are many positive reviews of Aquabot pool cleaners out there; therefore, you can guarantee its performance and quality.

How does an Aquabot pool cleaner work?

An Aquabot pool cleaner is an automatic vacuum / cleaner that is suitable for any type of pool. It works by submerging the box-shaped machine in water and goes through rubber treads. The machine will run over the entire surface of the pool, sucking up any dirt along the way. As soon as the bag is full, you just need to take it out of the pool, dump the trash and get the box back to work.

It can suck up dirt, debris and everything down to the size of two microns – things your naked eye can’t see but once built up can give your pool filter a rough time. Its innovative design makes it possible to reach all corners and sides while cleaning the bottom and sides of the pool.

With the continuous development of pool cleaners, Aquabot has grown into one of the best pool vacuum cleaners today. Thus, many models have been designed to perfectly meet the needs and preferences of each consumer. Here is an overview of the most popular models and corresponding reviews of Aquabot pool cleaners:

1. Aquabot Elite pool cleaner

The Aquabot Elite includes dual filter cartridges that can carry all the waste collected from the pool. Compact design, easy to use and maintain with No More Bag Technology. In addition, the special feature of this product is that it also has an anti-tangle swivel to keep you from getting tangled while the cleaner is walking around the pool. The double scrubs installed in the robot can remove stubborn stains and algae on the floor and walls.

What customers said:
Reviewers have revealed that the Aquabot Elite is considered the best Aquabot robot pool cleaner due to its fine ability to suck up every bit of dirt from the pool. The filters in the system are able to capture even the smallest form of pool waste. Amazing work is only supported by low power consumption; so it is a perfect choice for many.

The compact design hides powerful work due to the robot’s ability to capture all types and sizes of waste.
The shopping cart and storage box are a bonus for customers.
The instructions are not clearly written.

2. Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40

The Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40 is an automatic pool cleaner designed to clean any shape and surface of pool up to 40 feet in length. It is perfect for an above ground swimming pool as it can reach and effectively clean the entire surface of the ground. Its high powered system can filter up to 85 gallons of dirt per minute. The sleek and slim profile allows it to move easily around the pool.

What customers said:
According to customer reviews, the pool rover is a reliable choice for picking up debris and dirt from the pool. The efficient power system keeps the rover running smoothly for hours. The only negative comment is that it’s hard to understand on the first few tries, but as soon as they’ve gotten the hang of it, the job can already be a breeze.

It has good suction and can pick up any size and type of debris.
The two mesh bags have plenty of room for the dirt accumulated in the pool.
It effectively cleans the bottom and sides of the pool.
Calibrating the rover for the first few tests is difficult.

3. Aquabot ABREEZ4 X pool cleaner

This Aquabot robotic pool cleaner is suitable for all shapes of swimming pools up to 50 feet. The cleaner is designed with agitation brushes capable of loosening all accumulated debris and dirt for a thorough cleaning. In addition, there are large baskets attached to the vacuum cleaner for loading trash. Finally, the robot cleaner can perform both forward and backward movements and can also climb coves or inclined parts of the pool.

What customers said:
According to customer reviews, the Aquabot ABREEZ4 is not an ideal buy due to its poor quality. Many consumers who purchased the item reported having issues with the purchase as well as warranty issues. Additionally, a popular problem with the product is that it only moves in one direction.

The cleaner is effective in sucking up unwanted dirt and debris from pool surfaces.
The product is quite affordable compared to other models.
There were warranty issues and other related issues during the purchase.
Malfunctions include the unidirectional movement of the robot cleaner.

4. Aquabot AJET122 robot pool cleaner

This pool cleaner is perfect for pools of all shapes and surfaces, including fiberglass pools. The packaging includes two sets of bags – one ideal for fine particles and the other for larger waste. Along with the bags, two agitation brushes help deep clean mold and stubborn stains. Its mechanism includes efficient cleaning of the pool floor, cove and wall. It is powerful enough to load bags of 80 to 85 gallons of debris per minute.

What customers said:
Aquabot reviewers have determined the effectiveness of a pool cleaner in cleaning all unwanted dust and debris from the pool using its filtration technology. However, the only concern for guests is its inability to climb hills and coves.

The device’s filtration system allows you to easily clean the bottom of the pool.
Its two sets of bags allow you to clean large pools in no time.
The robot cleaner was unable to reach the coves and sloping areas of the pool.
The common problem with robotic pool cleaners is that they cannot move in different directions.

5. Aquabot X4 pool cleaner

Awarded “Best Value Robot” for its affordability while providing premium benefits to customers. The package includes the anti-tangle system, the 190 cubic inch dust and debris cartridge, a free shopping cart, and three-year warranty service. Its efficiency allows you to clean swimming pools of all shapes measuring up to 60 feet. Additionally, the pump travels at 85 GPM, which requires reduced use of pool chemicals. One of the best highlights is the pool mapping technology which calculates the shape of the pool for the most efficient cycle at maximum speed.

What customers said:
Customer reviews have revealed that the cleaner requires less maintenance while doing its job of cleaning pool surfaces effectively. One downside is that he cannot clean the pool steps as well as some parts that he cannot reach. In general, the robot cleans well because it can remove almost 90% of the debris at the best possible speed.

The powerful system can clean swimming pools efficiently and quickly.
Consumers don’t have to depend on certain chemicals to remove unwanted bacteria and dirt.
The device cannot reach and clean other areas of the pool such as the steps.
Some debris is stuck in other parts of the device.

6. Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall Climbing Pool Cleaner

The Quick Mechanism is an energy saver as it can deep clean residential swimming pools quickly. The vibrating brush equipped at the bottom of the device helps to effectively clean the surface, slopes, water pipes and walls. There is also a timer that you can set for up to two hours for automatic shutdown.

What customers said:
Positive consumer reviews include the ease of setup. They gave a double thumbs up on the basic mechanism of controlling and operating the device. Also, it cleans the pool well because the filtration system can pick up any size of waste particles.

User-friendly and less necessary maintenance.
The filtration and cleaning system is effective for any type of pool.
Filters are weak and difficult to clean.

7. Aquabot Turbo T2

The strong point of the Aquabot Turbo T2 is its easy to use system. It can deep clean, vacuum, and scrub pool surfaces, creeks, water lines and walls. Its filtration system includes bags that can hold up to two microns of dirt and debris. No pre-installation is required due to its plug-and-play mechanism.

What customers said:
The T2 is good value for money for the customers who bought it. It cleans many parts of the pool well. However, a few drawbacks include jumping off several parts of the pool and poor quality materials that broke after a few uses.

The robot can clean the pool effectively in a short time.
The filtration system is efficient because it can suck up waste of different sizes and shapes.
There is a problem with some parts of the robot when using it repeatedly.

8. Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Breeze robot pool cleaner

The 4WD system allows the aircraft to move in many directions and automatically turn around without tipping. Its mechanism moves forward and backward and automatically climbs the wall every four intervals.

What customers said:
According to reviews, the device does an efficient and quick job of cleaning the pool. However, the installed baskets are difficult to clean and maintain. In addition, some of the debris is trapped at the bottom of the device.

The robot is keen to clean the surfaces of the swimming pool.
With less time using the device, it can clean an entire swimming pool.
Some waste accumulates in other parts of the device, which poses maintenance problems.
The baskets installed inside are also difficult to clean.

9. Aquabot Turbo T4RC robot pool cleaner

The particularity of the Turbo T4RC is its wireless system which can be managed via a remote control. It has four brushes installed for easy cleaning of stubborn stains and mildew. Plus, it also uses power jets to clean those areas that are often hard to reach.

What customers said:
Overall, the Turbo has received positive reviews from customers, making it the best modern day pool cleaner. Many reviews have revealed that the cleaner works at maximum speed and efficiency. Wireless technology gives the robot the freedom to move in any direction programmed for it.

The device is fast because it can complete a 12 x 25 foot area in just one hour.
The remote control is a bonus, especially for neglected areas of swimming pools.
Smart cleaning because it follows a logic instead of a swimming pool cleaning pattern.
The robot does not work well with walls and other sloping areas of the pool.
The device is sometimes caught in the main drain of the pool.

10. Aquabot Viva

Viva uses a computer that calculates the size and shape of the pool and programs the most efficient cleaning method it can use. In addition, there is a “Smart Control” technology that allows the user to customize the many operations and functions of the device.

What customers said:
Overall, the Viva has gotten positive reviews from customers. They especially like the device’s innovative technology as it is smart enough to perform a quick and thorough cleaning.

The filtration system sensor lets users know when mesh bags need to be cleaned.
There are three cycles to choose from, which is a great way to save loads of energy.
Like any other robot, the Viva is also prone to damage and repair when not used or configured correctly.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing a pool cleaning robot, there are quite a few things to take care of.

Why use a robotic pool cleaner?

Perhaps our favorite thing about the robotic pool cleaner is the fact that your pump wears a lot less. Cleaning robots are independent units; They don’t need your existing pool equipment to operate. Traditional pool vacuums use the plumbing available in your pool to suck up leaves and dirt. When you use the robot, all of this is collected in a basket or ink cartridge.

Keeping this waste from moving around in your pool system is a great thing. It also allows you to operate this cleaning robot without operating your existing pool equipment. Most of the time, robotic pool cleaners are a bit more energy efficient than traditional pool vacuums.

Another thing we love about robot vacuums is the high end technology that some vacuum cleaners offer. When you can use the remote control to tell your pool filter where to clean, you dramatically increase the efficiency of pool maintenance.

Is smart scanning technology necessary?

In most situations, smart scanning is just a hobby, not a necessity. If you’ve ever had issues with old pool cleaners stuck in certain areas of your pool, this type of analysis and research can help. When a machine knows your pool better than you do, it can really do a great job of keeping it clean. Usually these machines are at the top of the price table, which should influence your decision.

What if my pool is Irregular in Shape?

Depending on the pool cleaner you buy, you may have trouble blocking it at times. For unusually shaped swimming pools, it is essential to look for detergents with anti-tangle mechanisms or intelligent scanning technology. The anti-tangle layer will help keep the cable unrestricted. Smart Scan is a technology that allows your pool cleaner to scan and explore your pool. He’ll know where to clean it and make sure it hits some areas that are often overlooked without this type of technology.

Both of these features will cost you more initially, but when you have a device that constantly cleans the same spot over and over again and half of your pool is missing, it’s worth it. is not?

Will It Clean the Stairs?

If you have a robotic pool cleaner or an automatic pool cleaner, you will be having trouble with the stairs. In general, the cleaning robot does a much better job of detecting, sweeping and climbing. Depending on the unit you buy, you should be able to clean your stairs. If your staircase tends to be a stubborn problem, go for an automatic pool cleaner equipped with a remote control so you can direct it to clean the stairs, if that area is missing.

How much should I spend?

When it comes to robotic pool cleaners, the cost can add up quite quickly. When you start adding features like smart scanning, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, the costs skyrocket. In fact, you’ll need to spend between $ 300 and $ 1,500 on a pool cleaning robot.

If you’re currently paying a pool management company to do all of this for you, you might want to consider how much you can save. If it only takes a few months to recoup your expenses, a pool cleaning robot is the right investment.

These machines are designed to last quite a long time, especially the higher quality ones. Try to choose something which has a warranty that lasts for several years. Hope this will help you feel more secure in your investment.


These Best Aquabot Pool Cleaner Reviews have been gathered to help you decide which one to buy. Do we think you could choose the wrong one? Not really. The only problem that will occur is that you don’t have enough features to clean your pool the way you want it to. The Aquabot Elite Pool Cleaner is our favorite because of the quality of cleanliness and the variety of manageable pools. This is a robotic pool cleaner that will last for years and keep your pool in good condition. Although this is a slightly higher initial investment, you will understand its value when buying.

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